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Develop Your Own Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

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The surge in the popularity and market capitalization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is paving way for growing number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. An exchange refers to websites (and mobile applications) that are used to handle the buy/sell of cryptocurrencies. Our team of expert developers and cryptocurrency experts understand that a good bitcoin exchange platform requires integration of various payment methods, advanced reporting and high-security standards.

To transact in cryptocurrencies, an ‘Online Cryptocurrency Wallet’ is required. Parth Infosystems is a pioneer in developing universal cryptocurrency wallet for the exchange of popular cryptocurrencies.

Features of our Cryptocurrency Wallet

2-factor authentication Optional for the user to setup 2-factor authentication.
Auto denial of duplicate payments This feature is of a great use since Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency systems do not allow charge-back.
New public key auto generation, for every new transaction This feature makes it hard for frauds to follow the ownership of coins.
Optional session logout A security measure which automatically logs out user after certain time.
Recurring billing & invoicing Recurrent payments save time and effort.
Investment advice Based on the cost per coin.

Why Develop Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet to do Transactions in Cryptocurrency?

Faster and Cheaper

Transactions with Cryptocurrency, tends to be far faster and often with no fees

Not Controlled by Governments

Since the currency is decentralized, it belongs to people, not governments or countries and is not affected by economic crisis

Protected Against Inflation

The quantity of a certain cryptocurrency would never surpass certain amount. So this currency is protected from inflation.

User-owned, User-generated

Crytocurrency users can invest in equipment and mine their own cryptocurrency.


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