What we specialize?

Involving with us you get to gain our specialty over various domains as well as enjoy freshness of working with the various award winning Startups under the umbrella of our organization. We have well trained members for project management, quality management and grievance management with specialization in managing multiple IT projects on varied platforms and technologies at a time with scheduled and timely delivery without compromising with the assured quality.

Hospital Management System

A hospital management system (HMS) is a computer or web based system that facilitates managing the functioning of the hospital or any medical set up.This system or software will help in making the whole functioning paperless.

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Anaesthesia Recording System

It automatically collects and records physiological data from bedside medical devices and records events and actions on-the-fly during an operation.

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Blood Bank Management System

Blood Bank Management System (BBMS) is a browser based system that is designed to store, process, retrieve and analyze information concerned with the administrative and inventory management within a blood bank.

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Pathalogy & Lab Management System

Pathalogy & Lab Management System is especially incorporated to centralize entire database and modules of hospitals, clinics, & medical laboratories in a single unified interface.

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Online Medical Equipments & Tools

The medical equipment tracking software was designed to bring cost savings and efficiencies to HME and DME suppliers through better accuracy, equipment utilization, rental management and loss prevention.

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Our Global Presence:

We have Global Presence amid strong teams with an intramural studio and specialization over web and mobile Apps having focus over education, travel , health and development related domains to serve our global clients through the presence of our global offices. We have representative offices in USA and In India our Head-office is located in Gurgaon to manage our operations. We are adding more business segments under our umbrella and have an environment of business expansion with our award winning stratups in different segments.

We are mentors, consultants and supporters as well as service provider too for the business starting from startups to small and intermediate sized as well as enterprise size MNCs and related businesses across the continents of America, Europe, Africa, Australia as well as Asian countries . We are thankful to all the business who rely upon us and thus e are highly committed to serve them and all the upcoming people and businesses approaching us to assist them or get connected with them in any business modes and programs .